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Check it out! (<-- link to the show in .mp3 format. If you're curious we're at 58:10)

"Shrinking City" (off our Night Moves 7") got some radio love. Sandwiched between The Rolling Stones and Devo. That's a good place to exist.

The show was hosted by Denver's ZetaKaye House, which is a kind of artist collective, or "independent arts team" as they put it. We just wanted to give you guys a quick: Thanks for supporting your local artists and contributing to the ever-growing Denver music scene!


Our show with Night of Joy and Peelander-Z was insane. I frequently felt like I had been transported to a magical land -- or a Japanese game show (same thing?). Our friend Stacey took some photos-- you can check some out on Flickr.

We're currently laying low for a little while to work on our next album which we'll planning on releasing as a 7". I think we just sent the mastered tracks to a lacquer cutter so it's getting closer to a finished state; just need to get the artwork together and hopefully we'll have that out soon!

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