Flier of the Week!

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Hey, neat! The Westword picked our flier for this week's showcase -- read the blurb here. Come see us at the show this Saturday night at the Meadowlark. Doors at 9. See you there!

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Give the gift of music

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We're about finished making the cases for our Demo.

It took a lot of cutting, ironing, sewing, blood sweat and tears, but it was all worth it. Nothing against the jewel case, but these are pretty rad. You also get liner notes and the three tracks recorded this fall at The Furnace Room. Thanks to everyone who worked on these with us.

We'll be selling them at our upcoming shows ($5.00 each) until we run out. Come for the show, stay for the merch (or something).

If you can't make it to the shows and would like to buy a copy, we'd be glad to send you one. Contact us at makeoutpoint09@gmail.com and we'll figure something out.


Cool! Reviews!

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Thanks to the Westword for a couple write-ups!

We hope to have the video done soon and we'll have our demos (in handmade soft cases) at our first show at the Meadowlark on the 12!

Upcoming Video Write-up
Demo Review