every setting sun

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...Smarter than the average bear

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After practice on Saturday, we took some photos at Michelle's. This was our first time taking pictures as a band, so it was a big step. You know. So we go outside, and Michelle's neighbor takes about 30 pictures of us, and it was quiet pretty much the entire time.

As you can see, this shit is old news to us. We're professionals. That's right, we're professionals. So anyway, out of thirty pictures, you'd think one of them would turn out decent. But then we learned that to be photogenic is to be blessed by the ancient gods of the sea. Here's the last piece of evidence, officer=

In unrelated news, we are recording in a few weeks! Hooray! On August 23rd, we're going to record three songs with my friend Trevor Morris who runs The Furnace Room in Denver. He's pretty much the best engineer to work with EVER, and he wasn't cleaning any shit out his sink that weekend, so it was a win-win situation! He also has a large collection of books and records to browse from, and ample reading material in his bathroom, for all of you curious-types. This is our first recording, other than 4-track stuff from practice, so we're pretty hyped. We decided to do something like The Smiths or a 60's pop group, by recording just two or three songs at a time. We'll post some songs and pictures from that for sure. Ciao, Anthony.