First Friday - Free Show!

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First Friday is an opportunity for Denver's art culture to reach out to the community. Various art galleries and supporting venues participate to showcase local artists. So those who participate, the first Friday of any given month (hence the name) offers free entry to help generate interest and support for Denver's art community.

We were invited to play Bannock Street Garage with our friends, We Should Talk, to support featured artist Brian Curran. Brian's charcoal drawings have a realistic feel -- they look like high-contrast photos.

Anyhoo, doors are at 8 p.m., it's 21+ and of course, it's FREE.


Yellow Rake Zine review

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"If the sludgy pop tendencies of Dinosaur Jr. had a party with intensity of early Mission of Burma and forgot to put gracefulness of Rilo Kiley on the guest list until the last minute, but remembered to call the detached allure of the Kim Deal-fronted songs of the Pixies a few days before, you’d have a full seven inches of party that furtively compelled ever-increasing rotations on your turn table."


9/25 show

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Remember the Brady Bunch Hawaiian vacation, three-part story line in season 4? Yeah, so do I. It's been weighing heavily on me recently. The whole part about Bobby messing around with Tiki figurines was only his first foray into the dark arts... that caused Greg's surfing accident, construction accidents, a spider attack and left the story line open for Don Ho and Sam Kapu to serenade Cindy (pervs). Like they say so often on BSG: "This has all happened before and it will happen again."

And now we've come full circle:
We have a show this Saturday night at Bar Bar (aka, cafe Carioca but no one calls it that), Denver's premier dive bar in the heart of five points. Earlier in the day we'll be re-recording a new version of "Last Time" at the Furnace Room.

If you don't see what this has to do with the three-part Hawaii special of the Brady Bunch, I suggest you take a fine literature and film class.

- Laura

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Recorded Jun 4th, 2010 at KRFC Studios, Fort Collins, Colorado. Engineered by Dennis Bigelow.

01. intro
02. last time
03. interview pt 1
04. idea of me
05. interview pt 2
06. breaking point
07. interview pt 3
08. arizona
09. interview pt 4

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