Ideal Fathers BBQ

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Radio 1190, PBR, and Jim Beam present the 2010 BBQ Series...
Ideal Fathers (day before) Independence Day BBQ
Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
Larimer Lounge
$8 / $4 with coupon
1:00 PM Doors

11PM Thrifty Astronaut
10PM My Body Sings Electric
9PM Pep*Squad
8PM Dinner With Cannibals
7PM Ideal Fathers
6PM I Sank Molly Brown
5PM Wire Faces
4PM Night of Joy
3PM Makeout Point
2PM The Nervous

Ideal Fathers and the fine folks at Larimer Lounge have put together a lineup of terrific music, featuring FOUR of the bands nominated in this year's Westword Music Showcase Post-Punk category as well as several of our favorite bands in town, PLUS fantastic food by Yazoo and Gastro Cart!

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A few weeks ago, we played with rad Denver band Black Sleep of Kali (yes, that's an Indiana Jones reference -- you can download their self titled album here - for free) and boy, are my ears ringing. You'll notice, at they did one of those band photoshoots and got themselves some fancy press photos. What a great idea!

So we went for it.

Here are the teasers at our friend Adam's blog. Please take note of the fancy attire.

Preparing for the shoot was quite an ordeal. We had joked around about playing in formal wear a few times so it was kind of a natural thought progression to dress up for the photos. If we were going to do this (after laughing at all other posed band photos we'd seen), we were going to go all out.

I already had the dress that I bought as my wedding dress a couple years ago but chickened out of wearing. Patrick had accumulated that fantastic vintage Raymond Levine jacket from family friend Bob's dad (we've determined it's a gem from the 70s).

I should mention that Michelle was the most reserved about this theme. I wanted to put make up on her for a few video shoots that resulted in panic attacks and lame attempts of physical assault on my person. So convincing her to get a dress (AND actually wear it) was a result of my best manipulations.

Seriously though, I don't think I had much to do with it. It was all about the telephone (and two cranberry vodkas but more on that later) and the actual dress itself.

We hit the thrift stores in search of gaudy prom dresses (you know the types -- pepto pink with yards of tulle spewing from the hemline that would even make Barbie inwardly cringe thinking about how itchy that shit would be on her legs). With luck we found one such dress and the one she actually wore to the shoot.

I think she felt good in it -- she was at least amused by the cut and the hypnotically silky, flammable satin-poly ruffles. Yes, there were others, like a purple column dress and a few strapless nightmares, but the ruffled salsa dress was the one. There was also an old rotary phone she fell in love with that she couldn't leave behind.

Anthony went through a few choices -- leather vest? Plaid pants? Nay. It had to scream: CABANA BOY! It was only appropriate to accompany Michelle's choice of dress. He settled on a white ensemble with a checked vest -- appropriate for summer weather.

The day of the shoot approached. Michelle's apprehension was growing. I tried guilting her into it, I tried threatening her into it (I love my friends). Finally, I promised that she could bring props, including her new telephone. Finally, she seemed to look forward to the whole ordeal.

The day of the shoot, Michelle came over and we got dressed together. She let me put nude colored eye shadow on her (baby steps)! We met Adam at the Walnut Room looking/feeling slightly out of place (nothing a few drinks couldn't dissolve). We set out in the neighborhood and began our photoshoot. I did my best, applying the smizing technique Tyra talked about so much, but I was totally upstaged.

Michelle loves the camera (or maybe it was just the cranberry vodkas that took over her frontal lobe):
"Shoot us with the phone against this wall! I'm going to climb up this ladder!"
"Hold on, I need to pose!"
"This one's for you!"
"I'm so going to wear this dress out one night and get laaaaidddd!"

What the hell was I worried about?

Some thoughts from Michelle:
That's because I knew I was hot and the photo could get me laid. And that dress needed me to be awesome sexy; it needed me to not let it down.

Rad phone.


Makeout Point and The Big Takeover!

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Record Release & Radio Show Weekend (close enough)

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We had a busy week! We played an awesome record release show with our friends, Ross Etherton & the Chariots of Judah and Black Sleep of Kali. It was fun; it was loud; and, we got rowdy.

The next day we drove up to Fort Collins to play KRFC 88.9's Live @ Lunch show. Greta (the trumpet player from 12 cents for Marvin) did a fantastic job interviewing us and we really couldn't have done it without Dennis -- the fabulous program director/sound engineer magician. Uh, at all. He also recorded the whole thing so we're talking about putting it on cassette.

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