Psychedelic Ranger, Vol I

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What the hell is going on with this blog, anyway? Well I'm taking a break from online tests, listening to The Clean anthology CD's which Patrick burned for me. And it's inspired me to ramble on about a great number of things...

We have all been crazy busy lately, between band practices and work. And I'm being slowly numbed on the inside by adult education, so I guess you can call that busy. This week we didn't practice on Wednesday because we're in the midst of a huge snowstorm here in Denver. It's been snowing for two days straight and I think it's safe to say now that Halloween is gonna be super shitty. The band has started to book shows, which has been a blast so far, honestly. The first show we booked is for December 12th with Green Typewriters at The Meadowlark. We are fucking mega hyped.

The band actually started in February or March of 2009, so it's been a long time coming. I'm happy to say that so far everyone I've been talking to - the promoters, the bands and booking people have been super nice. And some of them are just out-of-control nice. Who knew that selling out was going to be so rewarding emotionally?

Oh also, our demo is now available on iTunes and Emusic for download. If you buy MP3's, please leave comments and let us know what you think! There will be physical copies, we're actually making them sometime real soon. Within the next few weeks. It's gonna be a CD-R with a lyric sheet inside of a handmade sewn case, should be pretty cool. I'll post info when they are done.

Last weekend, we filmed our first video (for "Falling In") and it was absolutely nuts. For the past few months I have been saving boxes in my garage in Wheat Ridge, hoping to use them for this idea I had. Well after a few weeks of inhaling paint fumes and misusing the staple gun, I finally got my my project off the ground. or onto the ground. Whatever. This is a project that I've been working on for a really long time, so to finally see it come to fruition has been amazing. I got the idea to build this city from my favorite library book when I was little. It was a book that showed you all these pictures of how they made old Godzilla movies, using models and matte paintings. I was fascinated by this book, it was absurd. I would check it out over and over and over and just study the pictures.

Saturday was the day of the video shoot, and we realized suddenly that none of us had a working video camera. So after we all went over to Target and Michelle bought one, we unloaded all the gear into the garage and set up. We tried doing lots of funny shots in the city, but it's kind of hard to be funny when you're standing in a cardboard city and 8 people are watching you try to break dance with a hammer. Then we played the song about 9 times and tried to hear ourselves.

Yeah, we put the boxes on our heads and played. It was radical. I'm not sure why. We had two cameras rolling the entire time, in the hopes that Tom could just cobble together enough footage to actually make a music video. haha. Somebody asked me if the city was supposed to be Denver and my official answer to that is "uhhhhhh, I dunno". I thought about it, but the notion of making a cash register building out of cardboard just didn't appeal to my greater sensibility. Michelle mentioned that it might be cool to hang on to all the props and bring them to a house show. So, if anybody reading this wants to throw a house party and you have room for us and our miniatures, let us know. I should mention that only the city is miniature though. The band is quite large when we're put together in the same room.

Radical party,


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