New EP Out Today

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In the spirit of giving (i.e. we are all too broke to press another record) we are offering our EP, Don't Look Up, as a free download. Get it here. Tell your friends.

We had a great time making this record. We benefited once again from the talents of Trevor Morris at the Furnace Room and Carl Saff at Saff Mastering. Michelle spent countless hours cutting things up to make the cover art.

We're taking a break, but hope you enjoy this, share it, and come out to a show in March. Remember that we've also got another EP for sale on glorious black vinyl. It's a 7" so it will totally fit in a stocking.

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New video

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Thanks to everyone at the Dikeou Collection! This song is on our new EP called Don't Look Up. 5 song EP, recorded in Denver at The Furnace Room with the amiable Trevor Morris, mastered by Carl Saff. Will be up on bandcamp and iTunes soon.


December 3, First Friday Music Series

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"Greetings and Salutations... You a Heather?" - J.D.

Tonight we're playing at the Dikeou Collection (7-10) as part of Denver's First Friday Music Series. There is no cover and it's rumored that refreshments will be provided.

The other performers are two, one-man-bands: Thrifty Astronaut and Tall City. Check out the recent review of Tall City's Soft Sunlight EP.

Also tonight, in the same vicinity, is Denver's Parade of Lights. Hope to see you out and about!

Dikeou Collection
1615 California St, Suite 515, at 16th St
Denver, CO


Hiatus/Autumn Mixtape

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1. Paul Paradiso - National Zoo
2. The Zombies - Beechwood Park
3. Atlas Sound - Recent Bedroom
4. David Bowie - Move On
5. The Go Betweens - The Sound of Rain
6. Spacemen 3 - Che
7. Black Moth Super Rainbow - When the Sun Grows on Your Tongue
8. Thee Mighty Caesars - You'll Be Sorry Now
9. Spoon - The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine
10. Faust - The Sad Skinhead
11. Silver Jews - Send in the Clouds
12. Seconds - 2 Face Chang
13. Pere Ubu - Street Waves
14. Real Estate - Suburban Dogs
15. Husker Du - Chartered Trips
16. Guided By Voices - Auditorium
17. Tindersticks - Seaweed



Girls to the Front

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My first introduction to riot grrrl was around 2000, nearly half a decade after the revolution had seemingly died. My family had just moved from Montana to the suburbs of Denver. My new school was indimidating in both size and the dichotomy of students. Where I grew up, you were either a jock or you weren't. Here at the new school, you could identify with a number of differnt cliques (or none at all).

While I spent the first half of the school year searcing for a new identity, or rather, maybe finding myself (maybe?), I was openly welcomed into a group of girls who had shocking strong identities and looked like extras from the Tank Girl movie.

I thought they were the fucking coolest people ever. They listened to this music that was fast and grating, jarring, even. They didn't a shit about behaving like proper ladies. They spit, smoked, made crude jokes... but they cared about women's rights, the treatment of animals and politics.

I was introduced to Fugazi, the Dead Kennedys, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, the Lunachicks etc. etc. etc. I was introduced to zines. I was introduced to feminism. And while the girls and I eventually grew apart (the majority of them ended up attending the school's night program which my parents flat out refused to consider), I felt aliented and left on my own. So, I started hanging out with a group of dudes. I didn't have any close female friends and when I started dating, I lost myself in the relationships. It took me a couple of years and a horrible, suffocating relationship that stifled out much of my personality (I don't know or understand why I allowed it to happen), before I began to feel the roots had been laying dormant were growing again. I was miserable. I needed out and I needed to be myself.

Over the next few years, I became more edcuated in politics and feminist theory, though I had minimal formal education in the latter. I went vegetarian. I came to realize that I thought the religion I had grown up with made absolutely no fucking sense in a modern world, let alone coincided with my own ideas and values.

I graduated from college and got one of those cushy office jobs. One with a bit of downtime and an internet connection. I stumbled onto and became obsessed with their coverage. It was like reconnecting with old friends. Here were women (and men) with similar ideas about society and culture, reporting on how fucked up this world can be (or how hilarious), while still maintaining senses of humor and self, and presenting beautifuly crafted articles and blurbs. Yes! Back among my own! Jezebel led me to a number of other communities, including

More recently, the site had pointed me in the direction of a new book, "Girls to the Front: The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution" by Sara Marcus which finally came out a few weeks ago. I stayed up to some ungodly hours reading the book; it was really hard to put down. I immediately identified with the stories of the women in the book. I knew the emotions. I knew the struggle. And, it reminded me of the importance of community and all the women I looked up to -- the women who inspired me to give a shit about music and that I wasn't alone in my experiences.

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dance dance dance to the radio

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Check it out! (<-- link to the show in .mp3 format. If you're curious we're at 58:10)

"Shrinking City" (off our Night Moves 7") got some radio love. Sandwiched between The Rolling Stones and Devo. That's a good place to exist.

The show was hosted by Denver's ZetaKaye House, which is a kind of artist collective, or "independent arts team" as they put it. We just wanted to give you guys a quick: Thanks for supporting your local artists and contributing to the ever-growing Denver music scene!


Our show with Night of Joy and Peelander-Z was insane. I frequently felt like I had been transported to a magical land -- or a Japanese game show (same thing?). Our friend Stacey took some photos-- you can check some out on Flickr.

We're currently laying low for a little while to work on our next album which we'll planning on releasing as a 7". I think we just sent the mastered tracks to a lacquer cutter so it's getting closer to a finished state; just need to get the artwork together and hopefully we'll have that out soon!

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October 21 - Peelander-Z, Night of Joy and Makeout Point at the HI-Dive

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First Friday - Free Show!

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First Friday is an opportunity for Denver's art culture to reach out to the community. Various art galleries and supporting venues participate to showcase local artists. So those who participate, the first Friday of any given month (hence the name) offers free entry to help generate interest and support for Denver's art community.

We were invited to play Bannock Street Garage with our friends, We Should Talk, to support featured artist Brian Curran. Brian's charcoal drawings have a realistic feel -- they look like high-contrast photos.

Anyhoo, doors are at 8 p.m., it's 21+ and of course, it's FREE.


Yellow Rake Zine review

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"If the sludgy pop tendencies of Dinosaur Jr. had a party with intensity of early Mission of Burma and forgot to put gracefulness of Rilo Kiley on the guest list until the last minute, but remembered to call the detached allure of the Kim Deal-fronted songs of the Pixies a few days before, you’d have a full seven inches of party that furtively compelled ever-increasing rotations on your turn table."


9/25 show

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Remember the Brady Bunch Hawaiian vacation, three-part story line in season 4? Yeah, so do I. It's been weighing heavily on me recently. The whole part about Bobby messing around with Tiki figurines was only his first foray into the dark arts... that caused Greg's surfing accident, construction accidents, a spider attack and left the story line open for Don Ho and Sam Kapu to serenade Cindy (pervs). Like they say so often on BSG: "This has all happened before and it will happen again."

And now we've come full circle:
We have a show this Saturday night at Bar Bar (aka, cafe Carioca but no one calls it that), Denver's premier dive bar in the heart of five points. Earlier in the day we'll be re-recording a new version of "Last Time" at the Furnace Room.

If you don't see what this has to do with the three-part Hawaii special of the Brady Bunch, I suggest you take a fine literature and film class.

- Laura

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Recorded Jun 4th, 2010 at KRFC Studios, Fort Collins, Colorado. Engineered by Dennis Bigelow.

01. intro
02. last time
03. interview pt 1
04. idea of me
05. interview pt 2
06. breaking point
07. interview pt 3
08. arizona
09. interview pt 4

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September Show!

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Hey, this will probably be the last show for awhile.
September 3
@ Moe's Original BBQ (there's also bowling!)
Doors at 8:30 p.m.
Show at 9
All ages

We're busy working on a new album and some more new material, not to mention upcoming vacations and such. Also, it'd be great to kick labor day weekend off in style. Hope you can make it!


Makeout Point show August 7th!

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We're only playing one Denver show this month -- hope you can make it out!

Check out:
The Gypsy Cab Company
The Conjugal Visits
China Venture

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Weekend of Doom

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Friday night we partied. Saturday and Sunday we recorded four songs at The Furnace Room. These will be on our 2nd 7", out in early fall on Raccoon Tycoon. We're also working on a video for one of these songs with Ryan Martin & Nick CelentanoThey did our last video and we're super psyched to work with them again.


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Show Time

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This weekend we're celebrating Michelle's move to a new house and then we'll be recording our second 7" at the furnace room with our pal Trevor.

On Thursday night we're playing a free show at the Skylark! I read that Melvil Dewey will be there (at least in spirit).

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Ideal Fathers BBQ

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Radio 1190, PBR, and Jim Beam present the 2010 BBQ Series...
Ideal Fathers (day before) Independence Day BBQ
Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
Larimer Lounge
$8 / $4 with coupon
1:00 PM Doors

11PM Thrifty Astronaut
10PM My Body Sings Electric
9PM Pep*Squad
8PM Dinner With Cannibals
7PM Ideal Fathers
6PM I Sank Molly Brown
5PM Wire Faces
4PM Night of Joy
3PM Makeout Point
2PM The Nervous

Ideal Fathers and the fine folks at Larimer Lounge have put together a lineup of terrific music, featuring FOUR of the bands nominated in this year's Westword Music Showcase Post-Punk category as well as several of our favorite bands in town, PLUS fantastic food by Yazoo and Gastro Cart!

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A few weeks ago, we played with rad Denver band Black Sleep of Kali (yes, that's an Indiana Jones reference -- you can download their self titled album here - for free) and boy, are my ears ringing. You'll notice, at they did one of those band photoshoots and got themselves some fancy press photos. What a great idea!

So we went for it.

Here are the teasers at our friend Adam's blog. Please take note of the fancy attire.

Preparing for the shoot was quite an ordeal. We had joked around about playing in formal wear a few times so it was kind of a natural thought progression to dress up for the photos. If we were going to do this (after laughing at all other posed band photos we'd seen), we were going to go all out.

I already had the dress that I bought as my wedding dress a couple years ago but chickened out of wearing. Patrick had accumulated that fantastic vintage Raymond Levine jacket from family friend Bob's dad (we've determined it's a gem from the 70s).

I should mention that Michelle was the most reserved about this theme. I wanted to put make up on her for a few video shoots that resulted in panic attacks and lame attempts of physical assault on my person. So convincing her to get a dress (AND actually wear it) was a result of my best manipulations.

Seriously though, I don't think I had much to do with it. It was all about the telephone (and two cranberry vodkas but more on that later) and the actual dress itself.

We hit the thrift stores in search of gaudy prom dresses (you know the types -- pepto pink with yards of tulle spewing from the hemline that would even make Barbie inwardly cringe thinking about how itchy that shit would be on her legs). With luck we found one such dress and the one she actually wore to the shoot.

I think she felt good in it -- she was at least amused by the cut and the hypnotically silky, flammable satin-poly ruffles. Yes, there were others, like a purple column dress and a few strapless nightmares, but the ruffled salsa dress was the one. There was also an old rotary phone she fell in love with that she couldn't leave behind.

Anthony went through a few choices -- leather vest? Plaid pants? Nay. It had to scream: CABANA BOY! It was only appropriate to accompany Michelle's choice of dress. He settled on a white ensemble with a checked vest -- appropriate for summer weather.

The day of the shoot approached. Michelle's apprehension was growing. I tried guilting her into it, I tried threatening her into it (I love my friends). Finally, I promised that she could bring props, including her new telephone. Finally, she seemed to look forward to the whole ordeal.

The day of the shoot, Michelle came over and we got dressed together. She let me put nude colored eye shadow on her (baby steps)! We met Adam at the Walnut Room looking/feeling slightly out of place (nothing a few drinks couldn't dissolve). We set out in the neighborhood and began our photoshoot. I did my best, applying the smizing technique Tyra talked about so much, but I was totally upstaged.

Michelle loves the camera (or maybe it was just the cranberry vodkas that took over her frontal lobe):
"Shoot us with the phone against this wall! I'm going to climb up this ladder!"
"Hold on, I need to pose!"
"This one's for you!"
"I'm so going to wear this dress out one night and get laaaaidddd!"

What the hell was I worried about?

Some thoughts from Michelle:
That's because I knew I was hot and the photo could get me laid. And that dress needed me to be awesome sexy; it needed me to not let it down.

Rad phone.


Makeout Point and The Big Takeover!

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Record Release & Radio Show Weekend (close enough)

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We had a busy week! We played an awesome record release show with our friends, Ross Etherton & the Chariots of Judah and Black Sleep of Kali. It was fun; it was loud; and, we got rowdy.

The next day we drove up to Fort Collins to play KRFC 88.9's Live @ Lunch show. Greta (the trumpet player from 12 cents for Marvin) did a fantastic job interviewing us and we really couldn't have done it without Dennis -- the fabulous program director/sound engineer magician. Uh, at all. He also recorded the whole thing so we're talking about putting it on cassette.

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Night Moves First Review!

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Check out the Westword's review of Night Moves. Awesome!

(And, yes, I'm aware I'm turning this blog into an electronic scrapbook).
- L


Night Moves -- Out Now!

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You can now order our 7" album "Night Moves" (classic/glorious black vinyl) from our website -- for $5 (paypal). OR you can download it from
Makeout Point - Night Moves
and emusic for about $4. Fancy!

We'll also have copies available at our shows. Check back soon for more dates!

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Makeout Point - Arizona

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Presenting our video for "Arizona" -- a track on our upcoming release Night Moves.
Directed, Filmed and Edited by the fabulous Ryan Martin. Starring us, Makeout Point and some of our most awesome and best friends. Read the Westword write-up here.
Hope you enjoy!

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New Album!

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This is the cover art for our up-coming EP, Night Moves. We just got our first round of test pressings and are looking forward to getting this out soon -- maybe early June? Our friend Clare took the photo in her really awesomely decorated house and I did all the lettering by hand in addition to the layout. I hope my 3rd grade teacher sees that I've retained most of the cursive skills she attempted to instill.

Side A:
The Odd Years
Idea of Me

Side B:
Shrinking City

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"This is why Led Zeppelin never played house shows."

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We had a great time at last night's show with Night Owl and Mitya. Thanks to everyone who came out. We were responsible for 6 interesting things last night. We're shooting for 7 by the next show.


Free show + video shoot

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We hope you can make it out to our free show on April 8 at the Skylark on Broadway.

Also coming up: April 10th video shoot from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Shoot us an email if you'd like to participate!

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We know you want to see Makeout Point tomorrow, but what does The Westword think?

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Tomorrow night's show featuring The Jim Jims, Sun Red, Green Typewriters and us got a shout out in The Westword's Weekend Showdown.


March 20 Makeout Point show!

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A show coming up in a couple weeks. The Jim Jims, Sun Red (formerly Die Pilot), and the Green Typewriters again.

Our pal, Nigel Penhale (he's fancy), created this sweet flyer for us. A+!

We're still working on our 7" which should be coming out early this summer. The recording part is finished, but there's still the rest that we've got to pull together. We've also been planning a couple videos to accompany the release, so expect to see some high seas adventures, dangerous wild encounters, or expect a call from us...


Happy Valentines Day, Lovers

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For the passive-aggressive

The misinformed

The under-aged

and the absolutely demented.

Hark, a Video

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Just a few Updates

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We have a show this week!

Also, we've been busy working on the video for "Falling In." It's getting close though we ran into a few snags (who knew that between two cameras we'd have such a discrepancy between wide and full screen aspect? Blaaaahhh). We do have some more ideas for videos so we have a few fun things for you to expect.

Speaking of fun things to expect: We spent last weekend recording some songs at the Furnace Room that we're planning to release as a 7".

Sorry for the lame update; I'll do better next time.
- Laura

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Let's Get this Show on the Road

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We will be making our Fort Collins debut at Surfside 7 on January 12. We're looking forward to playing with Rad Vibes. Show starts at 9!


My Heart and the Real World

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Thanks again to everyone who came to our first show on December 12. We were psyched to have such a good turnout. Stacey took a few pictures with Jaren's camera. If you unfocus your eyes, you can see a sailboat.

If you missed us in December, you've got three upcoming chances to see us.

Jan 12 @ Surfside 7, Fort Collins
Jan 28 @ Larimer Lounge, Denver
Feb 6 @ The Meadowlark, Denver

We're also doing some more recording at the Furnace Room starting this month. Our shows will include a lot of stuff that will end up on the record, just like a real band.

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